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Shanghai International Digital Printing Industry Expo

List of Exhibitors - Shanghai International Digital Printing Industry Expo

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-AnaJet IncCosta Mesa, USA Digital Printing Systems, Photoshirt, Computerized Vinyl Sign, Solvent-based Pigment, AnaJet ARTprint, AnaJet PTB-1 Pretreatment Station, AnaJet Digital Textile Inks, Digital Solvent-based Pigment, AnaJet SPRINT Digital Garment Printer, Low Cost Router, Sprint Digital Garment Printer, Stencil Cutting Plotters, Anajet Photoshirt, Ink Jet Printers, Pretreatment Station ...+ show more
-Xennia TechnologyLetchworth Garden, UK Printers, Printing Inks, Modules, inkjet ink, Inkjet Cartridges, xenjet print engines and printers, Development Tools, xenjet inks, inkjet development services, inkjet dispenser
-ZHONGYI INK & PAINT CO.,LTD.Zhongshan, China Printing Ink, Machine, Pad Printing Machine, Textile Printing Machine, Spray Coating, White And Transparent Paste, Underlayer Hand-Actuated Printing, Dubble Component Gloss Ink For Metal, Spray Coating Ink For Glass, Pad Printing Ink, Ink For Plastic, Color Paste For Machine Printing, Ink For Non-Woven Cloth, Anti-Alcohol Ink For Plastical Materials, Golden Abrasive Varnish, Matte Elasticity White Paste, Water-Based Cross-Linking Agent, Special Strong Cross-Linking Agent For Jean, Matte Ink For Soft PVC, Coral Varnish, Elasticity White Paste, Water-Based Anti-Drying Agent, Dubble Component Gloss Ink For Metal And Glass, Offset Varnish, Ink For Foil Paper And Cardboard, Cracking Wrinkle Varnish, High Gloss Ink For Soft PVC, Pearlite-Series Ink, Alcohol Resistance Gloss Ink For Rigid Plastic, Gloss Ink For Rubber, Color Textile Printing Machine, High Gloss Ink For Rigid, PM Series High Grade Mirror Silver Ink, Silver Abrasive Varnish, White Paste And Transparent Paste For Machine Printing, Offset Ink For Plasti ...+ show more
-Dystar Ind.e Chemicals Products Ltd.Brazil
-Rimage digitalSingapore printing machine, Consumer Electronics - Projector, Laser Printer, Faxing Machine
-EcolabPhoenix, USA
-CST-Computer Simulation Technology AGFramingham, USA Transient Solver, Antenna Magus, Cst Design Services, Frequency Domain Solver, Integral Equation Solver, Asymptotic Solver
-BASFFlorham Park, USA
-Shanghai ALLWIN digital technologyChina
-MHMAustria Screen Printing Machines, Textile Machines, Textile Machinery, Textile Screen Printing Machines
-Durst Phototechnik AgAlassio, Italy Jota, Inkjet, Lambda, Lambda Tm
-KORNIT DIGITAL NORTH AMERICAUSA Digital Printer, Digital T Shirt and Garment Printing Machine, Creating A Digital Screen Printing Machine, Ink, Industrial Digital Garment Printer, White Ink, CMYK Ink, T Shirt and Garment Printer
-Konica Minolta Medical ImagingUSA
-ReggianiChina Comma Projector, Ione Projector, Metamorphosi Light, Hibou Light, Low Voltage Incassi Light, Hillock Lamp, FluRe Light, Kyneo Projector, Ambar Projector, Bink Projector, Murale Lamps, Mimo Light, B & S Light, Hako Projector, Morphy Light, Lorosae Light, Janios Light, IP55 Projector, Bisio Light, Domino Light, Mi LED Light, Indios Projector, Kaze Projector, Maantis Light, Envios IP66 Projector, Narancia 300 Outdoor Projector, Downspot Light, Axel, Mosaico Light, Linea Luce LED Light, Lingotta Light, Envios Projector, Iperios Light, Low Voltage Projectors, Casual Projector, Cubios Projector, Mains Range Light, Cyl Light Projector, Argiak Light, Cyl Light, Kylios Projector, Lindro Projector ...+ show more
-Chemtax Industrial Co LtdHong Kong