Attendees widget

visitor widget
visitor widget

Showcase profile of people attending an event and increase user engagement on your event website and blogs...

  • Connect better with your attendees
  • Easy to embed asynchronous code
  • Available for free

1Choose the Event go to search the event name copy the url of event

2Configure Widget
200 X 200   250 X 250   300 X 300  

Show Header   Customize Header text
Grid View   List View
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The configurator above doesn't include all of the possible settings for your Attendees widget. You can also change the following settings:

SettingHTML5 AttributeDescriptionDefault
Event name event_url The url of the event can be choosen from Just search the event name,copy the desired url of event.
(for eg - suppose the event page has url -
then you need to copy iitf and paste in the space provided)
mandatory field
Widget header10t_header_blockSpecifies whether to display the header at the top of the widget.true
Header textheader_text_contentDisplay a customized text in the header part of the of the event
Height of widgetheightSpecifies the height the widget in pixels,the height of the header in not included in widget height . 300 pixels (grid view)
Width of widgetwidthSpecifies the width of the widget in pixels. 250 pixels (list view)
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